We understand that divorce is an emotional and stressful time, but also know one where mistakes can easily be made.

Having worked with dozens of divorcees, we've seen it all.

The unfortunate reality is that many divorcees are unaware of what they are entitled to and often end up with a bad bargain.

That's why we work specifically with recent divorcees, to help you make the smart decisions about your money.

We listen attentively and work empathetically

As your trusted financial adviser, we listen attentively and work empathetically with you to help you take control of your new life.

We provide a simple and easy to understand fee-based financial planning service to recent divorcees who may not have the confidence, expertise or of experience of managing significant amounts of money, least of all during periods of emotional upheaval.

We ensure you are in a comfortable and safe place that is built on trust and understanding.



Brian was fabulous. He explained all the financial information at my level so that I understood. There was no jargon or information going over my head or any anything hidden. I trust Brian implicitly.

Clare M


I knew nothing about finance. At Jones Hill they took the time to educate and inform me and to learn about me and my needs in order to give me the best advice. I always felt comfortable asking questions, even though they might have been quite basic and at they end of the process I felt able to make an informed decision.

Jane F


Brian listened to my personal circumstances, and offered practical advice as to what I should be thinking about and most importantly doing. The most important thing I liked about Brian is that he did not try and push me to make any immediate decisions, given my very cautious nature about my money, I was able to proceed at my own pace. I now have a financial plan, and an understanding of what should be achievable.

Trish C