Here's three things that you won't find at another IFA


We only charge fixed, flat fees


We believe that the fairest fee model for clients is the fixed, flat fee model. This means that we are only paid by you for the advice we give.

This is unlike almost every other financial adviser, who will charge you either a commission of a % based on the amount of money they get you to invest.

Considering that most advisers only get paid when they sell a piece of insurance or an investment, it's beyond me how they can claim to be conflict free and independent.


We do our best to work around your schedule


We understand that our clients lead busy lives, so we do our best to accommodate their busy schedules.

We don't make our clients take a half day off work, drive 30 minutes to our office, for a two-hour long client meeting to bring a shoebox full of financial documents so that we can shake their hands in person to 'establish trust.'

Where convenient, we meet our clients via video conferencing at a time that's convenient for them, so that they don't have to hire a babysitter or worry about rushing home to take the dog out.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee


We believe that our clients are best placed to decide if our service is worth paying for.

Nobody likes handing over money when they can't see what they are buying. That's why we introduced the 100% money back guarantee.

If by the time we complete your collaboration meeting you don't feel you've received the benefit or value you wanted and you don't feel you've got complete clarity and peace of mind about your financial situation, then we will give every penny of your money back.

No questions asked, we simply refund your fee and part as friends.

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