The business owners we work with often tell us that the financial advisers they’ve come across in the past seem to be focused on setting them up with insurance products.

In reality, our clients are primarily interested in two things: how they can extract their hard-earned profits from their businesses in the most tax-efficient way, and guidance on when can they sell their business.

Having worked with accountancy practices across the UK, we know our way around balance sheets, profit & loss statements, as well as the overriding importance of cashflow. We will happily work alongside your accountant to maximise your financial planning opportunities and minimise (legally, of course) the tax your business will pay.

We also believe in linking the financial side of your business with your own personal financial planning; while in many ways they are independent of each other, they’re also highly connected and interdependent on one another.

Our business clients include:

  • Presidents and VPs of FTSE 100 companies
  • Co-Directors of a local engineering business established over 80 years ago
  • Management Consultants to the Ministry of Defence and NHS
  • Internet Entrepreneurs who started multi-million-pound businesses from scratch
  • Partners within a successful cyber security consultancy business

Here’s how we can help:

  • We’ll help you withdraw profits from your business in a way that is legal and tax-efficient
  • We’ll ensure you have a plan in place for the future, whether that’s through succession planning or the sale of the business
  • We’ll put a plan in place that takes a holistic approach to your business, your family and your future, including your pension contributions and eventual retirement
  • We’ll work with your accountant and other professional advisers to ensure the advice you are receiving is cohesive and streamlined