Are you being overcharged? Fancy saving £332 per month?

When initially taking a mortgage, many homeowners choose to take a fixed rate or tracker rate that lasts for between 2-5 years.  When these rates end, in most cases the borrowing will transfer onto the lenders ‘Standard Variable Rate’ (SVR) and for most lenders, this means the rate charged will…

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Identifying and Managing Your Blind Spots

We have all had the experience where something or someone sneaks up on us. A car when we’re switching lanes or a person behind us at the store, hiding in plain view. These blind spots catch us off guard – even when they’re in plain view. The same could be…

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Welome Ellis!

Hello! I’m Ellis and the newest, and 7th member of the Jones Hill team (apparently this makes Jones Hill one of Bradford on Avon’s largest employers!).I’m sure I’m going to be speaking with many of you over the coming months, so I thought sharing a little bit about me first would…

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