Avoiding Costly Estate Planning Mistakes

No one wants to think about death and dying. It is depressing and some view it as unnecessary, especially when there is so much life left to live. But facing the reality of the inevitable is a big part of the financial planning process. Making sure your wealth is protected…

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Handling Volatility in an Uncertain World

Several shifts are taking place in the economic and political landscape throughout the world, and the UK is no exception. The recent announcement of a General Election set for early June has caused quite a stir in the media which is difficult to ignore. If you are concerned about how…

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What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Lifetime ISA

Over the past decade, the bank of mum and dad has become the go-to source for younger generations wanting to join the property ladder. An estimated 1 in every 4 properties in the UK is purchased with the help of a family member, and it isn’t all that surprising. As…

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Using Your Financial Personality Type to your Advantage

Everyone interacts with money differently based on their financial personality type. Some are motivated by it, some bear it, and some detest it. Knowing your financial personality type – and the strengths and weaknesses that come along with it – is at the heart of effective financial planning. Here we’ve…

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