Mike was approaching retirement. Whilst he was looking for guidance, he was wary of taking financial advice. Mike discusses how Jones Hill eradicated any concerns and forged a long-term relationship based on trust and understanding.

"Straightforward, honest, above the board. Very expert…they don’t just sell you a product and walk away."

I was coming up to retirement age, so I thought it would be a good idea to speak to a financial adviser, just to make sure my pension arrangements were fit for purpose: which was why I approached Jones Hill.

They didn’t oversell themselves, which I thought was good. There’s always a danger in the back of one’s mind that independent financial advisers, along with other financial professionals, can be a bit shark-like. But the tone of Jones Hill’s website and advertising was such that it didn’t seem to be a problem. That ticks a big box for me.

Brian’s approach of thinking first off, “Where do you want to get to?”, fully understanding what my needs were and what my objectives were, was a very good and useful approach, because it then informed the way we were going to go.

The solution we came up with has scope for flexibility in the future. Because, as Brian’s pointed out, people’s attitudes change over time. I knew that if my circumstances change significantly, or my views change, I can very quickly go back and we can start talking again. That continuity and looking to the future is part of their offering and part of their business model.

Straightforward, honest, above the board. Very expert. Brian knows exactly what he’s talking about and takes on board what you want. They don’t just sell you a product and walk away. As they say, they’re selling a relationship over time.