We believe that by working with certain types of people, we can specialise in solving the unique problems that each faces.

Our highly-skilled, knowledgeable planners have in-depth experience working in specialist areas, as well as personal experience with the challenges you will be experiencing. For example, our principal Fiduciary Financial Planner, Brian, has both experience in the military and with divorce.

We believe this wealth of knowledge and understanding sets us apart from Independent Financial Advisers.

We are based in Wiltshire, so we typically work with people in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Bristol and the surrounding towns.

Typically, we specialise in helping four groups of people:


Families face a series of challenges in the modern world; financial planning can address the requirements of each generation to ensure everyone’s short and long-term aspirations are met.

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We know how difficult the prospect of organising your finances after losing a loved one can be. We work with recent widows to help them feel confident that they’re making smart decisions with their money.

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The emotional upheaval of divorce leaves little headspace for worrying about money. We can show you what the future could look like, what options you have and what you’re entitled to.

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There are unique challenges facing military personnel and their families in terms of financial planning. We offer straightforward advice for ex-Army, RAF and Navy Officers to help secure their financial future.

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Whether you have retirement on the horizon or are looking to restore work-life balance, we help educators to make important life choices so that they can enjoy a happy and secure financial future.

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Personal injury

We work extensively with claimants and their families, creating robust and evidence-based financial plans that will provide the claimant with the income, funds and ongoing support that they need.

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Business owners

For business owners, linking the financial side of business with your own personal financial planning is essential. We ensure you have a strategy in place to secure the success of both.

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Professional connections

As an accountant, solicitor or trustee, engaging a financial professional is an essential requirement. We offer collaborative financial support so that you can meet your duty of care.

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