Emotionally, divorce is one of the most difficult times a person can face. Financially, making sense of what you have and what you’re entitled will only add to the stress of the situation. The unfortunate reality is that many divorcees are unaware of their financial rights and often end up with an unfair financial settlement.

We work specifically with recent divorcees to help you feel confident about the future.

As your trusted Fiduciary Financial Planner, we listen attentively and work empathetically with you to help you take control of your new life. Our principal Financial Planner, Brian, has been through divorce himself; he fully understands the challenges you’re facing.

We provide a simple, fee-based financial planning service to recent divorcees who may not have the confidence, expertise or experience of managing significant amounts of money, least of all during periods of emotional upheaval.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We’ll listen and help you work through the challenges you’re facing. Whilst you’re likely to be feeling a little lost, we’ll help show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • We’ll collaborate with professionals such as your lawyer or mortgage adviser to streamline the process and ensure everyone involved is on the same page
  • We’ll show you what the options are for your family’s home and mortgage, assessing whether you will need to sell and what this will mean financially
  • We’ll help you address your immediate worries as well as plan for the future, ultimately aiming to achieve long-term security and happiness for you and your family
Sarah’s story – Receiving an inheritance

Sarah was nervous about how to best manage the inheritance she received when her father died. She didn’t expect to understand any of the financial team’s advice, but she discusses the personable nature of the team at Jones Hill and her ongoing relationship with the firm.

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