Jones Hill receive instructions from solicitors, professional and lay deputies, as well as claimants with capacity.

Both before and after the award of a claim, we have found that claimants and their families truly value sensitive expert advice that is jargon-free and easy to understand.

Our key role is to plan and implement a robust and evidence-based financial planning strategy, that will provide the claimant with sufficient income and funds for equipment, renovations to property and purchases (such as vehicles) as and when necessary.

Often the claimant’s financial situation will combine the award, state benefits, assistance from family and local authority funding.  It’s vitally important that the plan is completely tailored to the claimant’s situation, which will almost certainly change in years to come.

Unlike most financial advisers, our ongoing remuneration is not based on the size of the claimant’s award. Instead we charge a set fee based on how simple or complex the situation is.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We will provide a detailed and personalised cashflow plan for the expected lifetime of the claimant. This plan will be designed to set the claimant up for success, but it will also be both simple and flexible
  • We will stress test the plan under multiple scenarios and drawdown strategies in order to evidence the resilience of the award lasting the claimant’s lifetime
  • We will implement the plan, usually over a period of time, and manage it going forward
  • We will regularly meet with the claimant, their family and any professionals involved, working together to ensure the financial plan is wholly suited to the claimant’s needs and situation