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We form the best long-term relationships with people who:

  • Are nice to work with
  • Are happy to work with experts
  • Want to make the right choices with their money
  • Want to work with a planner who works on a fee basis, not a commission basis
  • Appreciate that life’s not a rehearsal
  • Understand that we can’t guarantee returns

We don’t work well with people who expect us to wear suits. Or people who are violently allergic to dogs!

Yes, we can help other Independent Financial Advisers with their own financial planning. Please bear in mind that you may not come under the heading of a Retail Client, but that of a Professional Client.

Yes, however it’s by invitation only. We have three types of ongoing service:

  • OnTrack Premier: An annual forward-planning meeting with your financial planner, plus an all-inclusive open-door policy
  • OnTrack Select: A low monthly retainer and heavily subsidised hourly rates
  • OffTrack Auto: Standard hourly rates and a low percentage fee of funds which benefit from our Centralised Investment Proposition

Beneficiaries of Personal Injury awards and elderly clients should ideally have a close family member of friend present at our meetings and phone calls. You might like to read more about our fiduciary status and how this duty of loyalty applies to our clients.

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