Often ignored by traditional independent or restricted financial advisers, if there’s one group of clients who love working with us, it’s educators.

Whether you’re a professor, lecturer, teacher or teaching assistant, at Jones Hill we will help you make important life choices that will help you enjoy a happy and secure financial future.

Many of our clients working in education have retirement on the horizon. Some are also considering reducing their hours due to stress, overwork or perhaps simply to restore an element of work-life balance.

Having had several years’ experience as a local primary school governor, our principal Financial Planner, Brian Hill, has always said he has the utmost respect for educators who have to cope with these intense workloads.

We have many years of experience in dealing with all aspects of educator’s benefits, salaries and careers: from Protected, Tapered and Transition members of the Teacher’s Pension Scheme, to Career Revalued and Final Salary Section members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme.

Here’s how we can help:

  • As part of the financial planning process, we’ll cover all aspects of the Teacher’s Pension Scheme and the Universities Superannuation Scheme; how it relates to your own circumstances and the benefits you’re entitled to
  • We’ll show you whether it’s possible for you to reduce your hours or work part-time, and how that impacts your plan
  • If you are returning to work after a break, we’ll help get you back on track and rejoin the pension scheme
  • Whether you’re planning a phased or cliff-edge retirement, we’ll guide you every step of the way and ensure you have a secure plan in place for this exciting new chapter of your life