Reagan initially thought he could manage his finances alone. He soon discovered he was lacking the knowledge to do so and was looking for a partnership with someone he could trust to have his best interests at heart.

"Ultimately, you know they’ve got your back. Because they’re independent, your interests are being put first."

Initially, I thought that I could do it myself, but there was always a niggling doubt at the back of my mind: is this going to work? Have I missed something out? Have I made a mistake?

The clincher for me was the face-to-face meeting. I thought Jones Hill would bring value and would be worth what I paid them. Also, I got along well with them. I don’t see it as a short-term relationship; it’s a partnership.

With the cashflow planning that they do, you get a level of confidence. They come back and say, “Actually, you don’t have to sacrifice everything. You’ve got your lifestyle; find out what you really want to do.” That’s very much apparent in your first meeting. In the first meeting, you barely talk about finances. You talk about yourself. You talk about your life, what’s important to you: what are your aspirations, what are your hobbies, what do you want to do in the future? It’s that holistic view of you that’s factored into the plan, because you are a person and your financial life is a part of that. It needs to work with the rest of you.

Ultimately, you know they’ve got your back. Because they’re independent, your interests are being put first. The flexibility is there because they’ve accounted for your lifestyle, so it’s not a paint by numbers approach. They will listen to you and your opinions: they come back sometimes accepting them, and sometimes come back and say that will actually hinder you.

My knowledge is limited to my field of expertise and what I’ve read, but Jones Hill bring their expertise not just from their own lives and what they’ve learned, but from their experience with clients, being specialists in the field.