Receiving an inheritance can lead to conflicting emotions. You may still be grieving when you receive the inheritance, but it could also allow you to fulfil goals. It’s also a time when you could find yourself having to make financial decisions that could affect your security for the rest of your life.

Financial planning when you receive an inheritance can help you understand what can be achieved with the inheritance received and how to do this. You may start thinking about paying off debts you have, such as a mortgage, investing for your children’s future or planning for early retirement.

As you do so, it’s crucial that you think about the medium and long-term too. Most people will only receive an inheritance once during their life and it’s an opportunity to improve your financial security. With careful financial planning, you can ensure that your inheritance is put to good use.

We understand that receiving an inheritance can be a difficult time, and we’re here to offer tailored financial advice that suits you. With ongoing support, we aim to help you reach your aspirations. In some cases, an inheritance will allow you to do this, in others an inheritance will have to work with other steps as part of a wider financial plan.